Friday, September 17, 2010

Featured: Freak R&B

Nobody seems to have a good genre name for the type of music I'm going to post today, but the best I've heard so far is Freak R&B. Its not great but hey, if there can be freak folk there can be Freak R&B too. Samples, otherworldly synths and falsetto, production that makes the songs sounds like they were recorded at the bottom of a well, and huge inspiration from bedroom projects can all be expected from Freak R&B. I'll share some of my favorite tracks now! Have a great weekend everybody!

STRT SRNS - Wise Blood
I only know three things about Wise Blood. First off, p4k likes him. Also, as much as I associate his music with this guy he actually looks like this. And Finally I know that he makes absolutely world domination worthy jams. Wise Blood's '+' has been on constant repeat for me lately. You can download the whole thing right here!

How To Dress Well has been everywhere on the internet lately. But nothing he's put out has really caught my attention until this one, the penultimate track on his new LP Love Remains, which comes out Tuesday!

Honestly, I don't even remember how this song got on my iPod, but since then I've checked out both Cough Cood and Birthdays and both seem a bit heavier on the freak and lighter on the R&B than their collaboration.

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