Tuesday, September 7, 2010

News: New releases from weezer and Tallest Man on Earth, New mixtapes from NMB and DS

Its been a couple days since I've had the time (or maybe it had more to do with the motivation) to post something up here so I'm just going to write a pretty condensed update of stuff I've been listening to lately. I'm also about to post another mixtape so get pumped for that!

First off, Weezer's new (and indie) album Hurley is streaming on their myspace right now. There hasn't been much press about it, which really stinks because its actually good! The last time I cared about Weezer was before The Red Album was released, but Hurley gives me hope. My favorite tracks after a couple listens are Trainwrecks, Unspoken and Run Away.

Also, the Tallest Man on Earth released a 5 song EP yesterday (only on iTunes for the moment). I absolutely love this guy, definitely worth a listen if you've never heard of him. He is often compared to Bob Dylan, but with much more colorful guitar work.

Golden Panda's debut LP Lucky Shiner is out today as well. you can buy it here and stream right here. I haven't had time to listen to all of it yet, but I really like what I've heard so far.

On to Mixtapes: Since I've last posted Altered Zones has posted their August mixtape but its nothing special. Delicious Scopitone have also released a mixtape (well just a collection of songs) under the title Pink Day that I really really love. Last but not least, No Modest Bear's "Thank you for being a friend" mixtape is worth your time.

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