Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Young Man - Fate

Youtube cover star turned original musician (think Indie Justin Bieber?) Colin Caulfield will release his 3rd album as Young Man. Although he's been touring with a full band for over a year now, Young man was always Caulfield's solo venture in the studio. The new album, Vol 1 is Young Man's first full band project and the rhythm section is a welcome addition. On his first two releases moments of bliss floated in and out of focus, but the etheral wanderings tended to drag on past their welcome. Anchoring Caulfield's knack for breezy melodies into a more committed form, Vol 1 may finally realize Young Man's untapped potential. Check out the first single below and keep an eye out for Vol 1, out May 22 on FrenchKiss.

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