Friday, March 9, 2012

Dive - Geist

I've been told that Dive are as close to the text book definition of a buzz band in 2012 as humanly possible, and I'm not so sure I can disagree. The first word out of nearly everyone's mouth is "hypnotic", they started as the side project of a band that's already established buzz, and of course they signed to Brooklyn darlings Captured Tracks without an EP to their name. OK now that that's out of the way, I can cut the cynicism. Captured Tracks is a really fantastic label, and Dive totally deserves a spot on their roster (and the chance at the spotlight that comes with it).

If you haven't been convinced by their music so far, Geist might change that. Diverting the "Real Estate channeling Person Pitch" route of their first few singles, Geist uses the same general sound but focuses the psychedelia into a meatier groove. I still have no idea what singer Z Cole Smith is rambling about, but he seems more intent on getting his point across than before. Hypnotic still seems apt, but I'm started to think those first few singles weren't... maybe I was just sleepy.

Geist - Dive
Sometime - Dive

Geist will be released on 7" next month on Captured Tracks.


  1. hi! geist will not appear on the full-length! thank you! -z cole smith

    lyrics: we're all seeing it out, inside of this/feeling everything out, a dive into abyss/we're all seeking it out, inside of this/trying to single it out, trying to find the gist

  2. Oh ok thanks! I thought I read that on the Captured Tracks website... my mistake :D