Monday, January 23, 2012

Yellow Ostrich - I am a Marathon Runner

Originally the solo project of Alex Schaaf, Yellow Ostrich might finally get the recognition they deserve. In the last few years, the band has been making big moves, expanding to a trio (that contains one of indie music's finest multi-instrumentalists) and signing to Barsuk Records. Last year the Barsuk re-released their latest album, and 2012 brings their official label debut. "I am a Marathon Runner" is the first single off of that album, "Strange Land" and a huge artistic leap for the band. Easing off the expressive vocal loops that characterized most of his early work, Marathon Runner is the first song I've heard that even comes close to grasping the full scope of Yellow Ostrich's live performances. The song's explosive drums, and surprisingly emotive guitar line betray an uncanny sense of urgency. The theme extends to the surprisingly deep lyrics, and includes the best chorus I've heard so far this year. Strange Lands is out March 4th on Barsuk, and it just shot to the top of my most anticipated albums list.

Marathon Runner by Yellow Ostrich

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