Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aircraft - Jeff Bridges over Troubled Water

If the concept of a local super group is even possible, Aircraft fit the bill. Some of Tallahassee's finest musicians, including Jake Tobin (Fruit Flesh), Malee Brigardner (Moonlasso), James Folker (Water Brother) and Ben Varian all take part in the collective. Last March I got a chance to check them out at Total Bummer, and their sound was more than ambitious enough to match the skills of their members. Taking cues from the most anthemic of indie bands (think Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene) the band tore through one of the best surprise sets of the festival. Nearly a full year later the band is finally unveiling its first release. The demos which were recorded several months ago are already a testament to Aircraft's evolving sound. "Jeff Bridges Over Troubled Water" finds the band basked in warmth, playing a brand of tropical folk that's manages to sound comfortingly familiar without cliche. "Jeff Bridges" is only the first stop Aircraft's continuing evolution, and a fine introduction to one of the most promising bands in town.

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