Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oberhofer - Gotta Go

The first week of school is always stressful, especially when you don't have a computer. Turns out blogging from library computers just doesn't feel right, especially when you don't exactly have the free time to allow it. Anyways, I finally have a working computer (along with a working charger!) and no more grounds for complaint. Insert terrible segue here, aaaand there's a new Oberhofer song I've been itching to post!

"Gotta Go" definitely isn't a left-turn for Oberhofer, but its not exactly a return to form either. It indulges in classic pop-rock production quite a bit more than the charmingly deconstructed o0Oo0Oo EP, but it deserves the treatment. With its synth sheen, xylophone accents and infectiously simple drum beat, "Gotta Go" wouldn't sound at all out of place on a Dom EP. Add in a spoken-not-sung bridge, and a lovably redundant chorus and you've got yourself an instant charmer.

Gotta Go - Oberhofer

Gotta Go will be released on 7" along with B-side Muhaw on October 4th through White Iris records.

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