Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rivka - Skychild

I've said a million times before, but tape label Crash Symbols have impeccable taste. Right after the huge announcement of their first vinyl pressing, they casually dropped a digital single of pure chillwave transcendence.

All the post Tough Alliance influences are there, and no one's really disputing that. However, Rivka aren't of trying to distinguish themselves in influence. Instead, they fly ahead of the pack with their scope. Its easy to spend too much time analyzing a song for influences and its definitely tempting, but ultimately futile in Rivka's case. We've heard blown out vocals and steel drums behind fly-lo beats before, but they've never sounded so panoramic. Maybe its the melody, or maybe its the massive presence of the synth in the mix. Either way Sky Child ends up being the Avatar to counter your warped home videos.

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