Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BOBBY - Ginger (Water Birth)

Until now, the dreamy indie rockers BOBBY have received a large amount of admiration based on the strength of just a few songs. Their debut single "Sore Spores"stood out in particular, and I can easily say its one of my favorite songs of the year. A lack of work to judge is no longer an issue as you can now stream their debut LP, clocking in just over an hour over on NPR. Fortunately this wasn't a case of over-hype: There are a lot of familiar sounds, but they sound startlingly original in BOBBY's hands. Influences from Death Cab for Cutie, the quieter moments of Modest Mouse, and S. Carey jump out to me at first. Most impressively, BOBBY's bag of tricks (gorgeous harmonies, tribal leaning percussion, synthesized whistling) are vast enough to remain original but organic enough to avoid sounding gimmicky. Definitely a required listen for anyone bemoaning the current state of straight laced indie rock.

Stream Bobby and grab an mp3 below:

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