Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wise Blood - Rot My Brain Away

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the A Side to Wise Blood's upcoming single on the legendary transparent. Solo 4 Claire was quite the departure from his first EP, the excellent `+`. The B Side, Rot My Brain Away is almost exactly the opposite. Rot Your Brain Away sounds a bit closer to Wise Bloods fellow freak&B pioneer How To Dress Well and it definately feels like a culmination of Wise Blood's work so far . `+` has several moments that recall religious reverence, but Rot Your Brain Away brings the religious associations to the forefront. While the song is undeniably tinged with darkness I still can't tell if its all for irony or there sincerity under the layers of fuzz, in an interview with the Pittsburg Music Report (Wise Blood's hometown) he claims in passing that he is "very religious". Its an intriguing piece any angle you take on it, but until theres more evidence to sway me the opposite direction I am going to assume there is at least some sincerity, I'd rather not imagine something so beautiful being spawned entirely of cynicism.

Rot My Brain Away - Wise Blood
Solo 4 Claire - Wise Blood (out soon on transparent records)

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