Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coma Cinema - Her Sinking Sun (TP/JHC remixes)

Apparently after your song gets on p4k's playlist, things start moving! Not that Coma Cinema hasn't been moving for a long time, but I'm hoping Her Sinking Sun getting playlisted gives Mat a much deserved popularity boost. Pitchfork isn't the only place the track's been getting extra attention though, Teen Porn (abbreviated TP in the title because I don't really want people googling "Teen Porn" ending up on my blog) and Jaded Hipster Choir (Abbreviated JHC just because it sounds cool) have both remixed it.

Teen Porn includes Mat and Rachel from Kiss Kiss Fantastic. They only have 3 songs on their bandcamp. I'd tell you what I think of their music except that I can't think of anyway of describing that doesn't downplay how much I actually enjoy it. Just know that their bandcamp says their first single was relseased in 1969 and its listed under the genre Nihilism. Compared to their originals though, the Sinking Sun remix is less "emotionless sex jam" and more "post-zombie apocalypse club banger." Starts off with a music-box like melody(the kind that fascinates zombies) but when the beat falls in it's seriously trance inducing. I'd be swaying back and forth in my chair like a madman if my roommate weren't in the room at the moment.

While Teen Porn's remix doubles the length of the original, Jaded Hipster Choir clocks in just a few seconds shorter than the original. Of the three versions it I'd have to say its the happiest. I really love how this remix pulls the otherworldly backing vocals to the forefront; in the right light they sound a lot less ghostly... maybe even heavenly. Mat double tracks some harmonies on the original and JHC wisely only uses the higher of the two lines. Its oddly but pleasantly surprising to hear such a different mood for the song, especially when you consider that the only element added to the remix was the drum beat.

Her Sinking Sun - Coma Cinema
Her Sinking Sun (Teen Porn Remix) - Coma Cinema (Teen Porn Remix)
Her Sinking Sun (JHC's Rites of Spring Reverb) by jadedhipsterchoir

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